Thursday, July 16, 2009

New SEM begin

u know gurls.. i've started new semester which is my last sem for diploma in uitm. 4 next sem i'll do my practical.. so far.. i'm already give sum company's name to my lecturer. then, he will come out wif a detail procedure form n an official letter 4 da company dat we want. each person is allowed to send dat letter juz for 1 company only. no extra or backup choice..oh god!! juz 1 company.. how if dat company don't reply our official letter. at 1st, i'm quite benggang wif dat rules but after being given sum explanation from sir Edy i starting to accept that kind of thing. what can i do rite now is juz wait n tawakal. plz pray for me either.. thankz a lot...

actually, i try my luck to do my internship to one of the famous biscuit company in Malaysia. Oriental biscuit company which is located at ayer keroh malacca. as u guys know ayer keroh is one of da tapak perindustrian in malaysia. there are many factory more in dat area. mamee factory also placed here. hmm.. in malacca i'll live together wif my beloved fwenz Effa n Fadz at Fadz's mum rent house. sound exciting rite???

can't wait till dat tyme. it must be a memorable experience to live wif both of them. n dis will be my 1st experience living in rent house. waaaa... i'm so happy.. yer la.. for my degree, i'll also live in rent house sekitar s.alam. huhu.. seronoknya..

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