Saturday, August 29, 2009

my new product development

Macam-macam formulation yg we all dah try lately.. at 1st.. memang sedap.. dah excited sangat bila dapat wat nugget vege yg sedap.. tp judges who are our own lecturers reject one of our main ingredient which is OAT.. the only reason they give us is too expensive ingredient..

ok.. sbelum kita bercerita lanjut, better kalu i perkenalkan wat product exactly dat we are trying to produce!! MUNCHOS nugget is our product brand, so far lar.. my b later would be changed into another name. don't know lar.. Still do not confirm yet. it's vege based nugget.. suitable for vegeterian n people who deeply luv mushroom. more it's also for children n busy people..

In fact, dis nugget not only giv us da health benefit from mushroom but also from spinach n carrot. at the middle of da nugget, we put in chilli sauce. We wrap da chilli sauce first with sum edible wrapper before we put it into da middle of the nugget. It is to make sure the chilli sauce would not absorb into the nugget filling when expose to high temp while frying..

hmm.. but.. disbbkan spt yg tlah diberitahu waktu di awl2 entry tadi, we all need to change the oat wif sumthg else.. but the favo question is... change into wat?? waktu mula2 kna komen tue memg kitaorg kecewa sagt..

yer lar dh bersusah payah berusaha nk bagi sedap.. bila dh sedap kna tukar plak...and 4 a moment, we're completely lost without the OAT.. everythg is just a complete muddle.. we're so tired to find new ingredient, re-do n keep trying... TOO TIRED!!

BUT.. nothing more we can do.. we just hav one choice.. da only choice.. which is to change da OAT.. It's our responsibility in order to fulfill our project.. jadi.. naktaknak.. bertungkus-lumus la we all berbincg n generate new idea.. smua yg plik2 kuar.. hoho.. more.. OAt is not da only problem we hav regarding to dis product but also da chilli sauce wrappers... we use glutinous flour to wrap it b4 but after several tried, we failed to manage it well.. also need to find new wrappers nie!! OMG!! so, ape lagi.. berlaku la process menengong, menggelamun n berangan utk cari idea.. rupa2 kami dah macm nie ha,,
kesudahannya, macm2 idea yg kuar dari benak masing2.. smua yg murah dicuba.. macm2 rase we all dapat.. ade yg masin.. ader yg keras.. yg penting smua nyer xsedap.. SEDIH ag.. tapi berkat kesabaran dan daya usaha.. at last hari ini.. satu sejarah tercipta.. KAMI BERJAYA MENCIPTA NUGGET YG SEDAP, MURAH n BERKHASIAT.. segala masalah telah berjaya diatasi.. malah kami juga telah menemui satu lagi cara baru utk mereducekan cost.. which is how to replace egg in order to wrap da bread crumb.. guna tpg gandum.. yes.. juz da wheat flour.. chilli wrappers plop we all use sumthg.. but can't mention here.. however for da oat we replace it with chopped bread.. YAHOO.. thankz my groupmates for ur involvement and commitment.. for our judges.. here we are. ready for da product launching after raya break... WIHUUU!!!!!!

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