Friday, September 11, 2009

how i am wihout them??

hi smuaa.. xtau i nk merepek aper ari nie kat cnie.. xda mood sangat.. penat.. ish.. ari2 pun penat.. tp nk wat cm ner.. memg penatkan!! student last sem.. biasala..

student last sem.. a'a.. ini bermakna, dis sem is my last sem as diploma student.. not last jugak sbnrya.. sbb next sem i'll have my internship.. tp 4 theory, nie merupakan last sem.. dan bermakna ini juga merupakan sem terakhir i akn bersama dgn smua mereka2 yg berada together with me at present.. yela.. mgkn ada some of them yg akan i jumpa lagi wak2 degree.. tp bukan smua.. myb juz half of them.. sbb ada yg tukar p cos laen.. ada nk berenti kawen.. ada nk berenti keje.. ada yg repeat paper menybbkn merka terpaksa extend sem n macam2 reason lagi lar.. huhu..

macam skarang.. i rapat dgn ramai org.. dgn JIGSSS (ja, ilah, ghah, syida, siti), dgn geng2 lab i ( group fadz.. group yasir..) dgn my roomies ( jannah n k.ayu) n ramai lagi arr.. suddenly, at dis moment.. i realise how much i luv all my fwenz.. it made me thinkin wat will happen in da future without them?? after diploma, will we ever see each other ever again?? will we ever laugh n smile n go through all da sweet memories together again?? later.. will we stop n acknowledge each otherwhen we crossed each other's pathway?? will we ??? ouch.. all da questions haunt me!!! it make me wonder, ponder of how i can go through my life without some of them...

anyway.. while this year is still young.. although we'r already in september.. i'm goin to enjoy and appreciate every moment that i have with them.. so that there is no regret..

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